Current and recent courses across Princeton that address societal and technical issues related to blockchain technologies.

Blockchains, Decentralized Trust, and their Applications

Spring 2024 COS 471

Robert Fish, JP Singh

Elements of Decentralized Finance

Spring 2024 COS 473 ECE 473

Pramod Viswanath

Financial Crises

Spring 2024 ECO 493

Carolyn Wilkins

Financial Crises

Spring 2024 FIN 593


Information Security

Spring 2024 COS 342 ECE 342

Maria Apostolaki, Prateek Mittal

Money and Banking

Fall 2023 ECO 342

Markus Brunnermeier

Principles of Blockchains

Fall 2023 COS 470 ECE 470

Pramod Viswanath

Security and Performance Challenges in Networked Systems

Fall 2023 ECE 539B COS 597P

Maria Apostolaki

Economics and Computing

Spring 2023 COS 445

Pedro Miguel Reis Bento Paredes, Matt Weinberg

Ethics in Computer Systems Research and Practice

Spring 2023 COS 598B

Amit Levy

Information Technology and Public Policy

Spring 2023 COS 351 SPI 351 SOC 353

Jonathan Mayer


Spring 2023 SPI 365

Steven Kelts

Web3: Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, and Decentralization

Spring 2023 COS 471

Robert Fish, JP Singh

Algorithmic Mechanism Design for Cryptocurrencies and DeFi

Fall 2022 COS 597A

Mark Braverman, Matt Weinberg


Fall 2022 ECO 416

Jonathan Payne